What’s more important: Loads of money, or mental health?

Photo of burned out man.

The award winner of the World’s Best Example of Capitalism Gone Sideways: Apollo Global Management

7 out of their 30 employees in their New York office — nearly 1/4 of its workforce — have quit their jobs over the last 3 months.

They walked away from salaries of $450+K per year because the toxic nature of the workplace and up-to-20-hour workdays were trashing their quality…

What can you do to brighten their today?

My friend Julius.

I see Julius 3 times a week, as I’m power-walking along the baywalk in my city. Julius doesn’t walk — he can’t. Instead, he pedals his homemade sit-upon tricycle with his right hand.

Each morning before dawn he pedals from his home about 5 miles away into town. He bumps…

How could we ever have accepted this as normal?

Somewhere along the line, society came to normalize anger as a chief expression of all kinds of feelings. Please don’t ask me why; it makes no sense to me. Especially with this awareness:

Most of the time anger is a cover-up for some other emotion.

Anger has two forms of expression: raging and outrage.

A few examples of anger…

Bob Wuest

Permanent American expat. Personal growth junkie. Spiritual activist. Enthusiastic hiker. Cheerleader for the best in you, and me. More at http://bit.ly/3aBjVOq

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